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The Announcement
and the Wedwink Buffet
and the Wedwink itself

This is me Sweetie, and I'm writing on a new page that belongs to Matthew.
He is announcing that this page be for Marius and mineself. We will be
wedwinked someday. Mom and I have to go shopping for a wedwink dress for me.
We can do that after Marius and his famly get settled in their move.

Marius and Sweetie

Joey resting with Lucy watching the guests arrive
How nice you look, Lucy!


Lucy and Joey at the head of the guest list
Aren't they a handsome couple?

The Bride and Groom


Oh, these tulips will look nice of the buffet table!
HoneyCat has it all set up nice! I wonder where she is?
She must be with her hubby, Andy on the couch again!

I Am JOEY the Wedwink  Bartender!
I have nip wine, some champagne, and of course some
soft drinks for the little ladies who don't drink the strong stuff!
Come one and all and partake on this special occasion!!

"Honey, Do you think we should be sociable and go and get some goodies at the
buffet table and also some nip wine at Joey's table, to bring back to the couch for us??"
"Oh, Andy! You think of such fun things to do!" I wonder if that's our friends over there
that are just arriving!
Who do you mean, my wife? You know, Andy! That nice distinctive couple that came to
our wedwink? My goodness, Honey, I think you are right!
I have to get busy though, and help Sweetie at the buffet table.

Here are our friends that came to relax on the white couch.
Mandy, Ginger, LittleMan, Hyacinth, and Sammy

Isn't it wonderful that Sweetie and Marius provided this room with this comfortable couch
to relax on before we put on those gowns and  tuxedos? We can just be cozy  with each other
until the time of the wedwink!

I wonder where my buddy, Andy is. I could ask him if there are any stairs that he and I can run up and down on like we do at my house when he comes to visit.
"I'd like to do that also with you, Ginger, with Andy."
"Okay, Sammy, lets go see if we can find some stairs to play on."
"That sounds like fun, may I come too?"   " Of course, come with us,  Mandy!"
We can leave LittleMan and Hyacinth to rest on the couch if they would like.


Da Wedwink Uf  Sweetie and Marius
Sweetie: Ernie said that he would offchiate fur us and I grabbed him.
Lets go in front of him for our vows.
Cindy, you stand by me and Matthew will be Marius' best man and he will stand by Marius.

The serimony is about to begin...

Ernie, in himz Oh Fishyating soot, stepz up tu da pullpit an turnz tu greet himz frend, Marius, wif a smile.  Marius nerfuzly smilez bak at Ernie.  Marius kin hardlee weight tu see hiz beeyutiful bride gliding down da isle tu him.

Da wedwink mewsik beginz tu play.   Marius slowly mayke dere weigh down da isle.  Dey luk sew kewt, an ar duing effuryfing jus purrfekt.   Az dey stop in frunt uf da pullpit, menny uf da kitties begin tu git teerz in dere ayez. Da ladycatz dab at dere ayez wif lase hankeez.

Now da luvlee bridezmaydez begin maykin' dere weigh down da isle.  Da ladycatz wispurr tu eech uffur dat everyone luks so nicely dressed.   Dey reech da end uf da isle ware Marius and hiz bestmankitty, Matthew, an ushurz ar standing, an turn tu wach fur Sweetie tu begin herz wok down da isle.

Cindy lukz sew luvly in herz wite an pink dress.  She wokz down da isle, furry prowd tu haf had Sweetie chooze her fur herz Mayde uf Honur.  She arrifez at da alter an taykez herz plase dere.

Now da moment effurywun haz bin weighting fur. Maris wachez breflessly az hiz Beeluved Sweetie, on da arm uf herz brofur. Andy. Sweetie appurrs at da beginnin' uf da isle.  Dere ayez meet, an dey bof see only dere strong luv fur eech uffur.

Maris wachez breflessly az hiz Beeluved Sweetie, on da arm uf herz brofur, Andy appurrs at da beginnin' uf da isle.  Dere ayez meet, an dey bof see only dere strong luv fur eech uffur.

Slowly and grasefully, Sweetie maykez herz weigh down da isle tu joyn herz troo luv.  At da hed uf da isle, Andy putz Sweetie'z paw in Marius'z paw an stepz bak.

Ernie kleerz himz frote an speekz:

"Whu gifz dis ladycat tu wed dis boycat?"

Andy anserz, "Ize, her brofur du," den stepz bak tu his seat.

"Deer frendz, weez ar gaffured heer tuday tu selibrate da luv dat Sweetie an Maris haf fur eech uffer.  Weez come tugeffur tu witness an honur dere yunyun.  Dis iz indeed a gloryus day."

"Marius, do mew take this womankitty to be your lawfully wedwinked wife?"

Marius:  "I du wif awl my effurthing that I have to offur my Sweetie furevfur!"

"Marius, will yu gif da vowz yu haf ritten tu Sweetie now?"

Marius turns tu Sweetie  wif herz pawz in hiz an sez>
"I, Marius do affurm my luff to you Sweetie, in front of awl our kitty furriends and guests, that I will serve mew and keep mew safe wif awl that I have in me.  I will keep my paws about mew and keep mew warm, cozy, and happy wif me. I will give mew my luff and affecshun, cling to mew, embrace mew and luff you furefur and efur!

Ernie turns tu Sweetie and sez, "Sweetie, do you take this mankitty to be your lawfully wedwinked husband?"
Sweetie:  "I do, wif awl mine hart!"
Ernie:  Sweetie, will yu now say da vowz yu haf ritten tu Marius.
Sweetie:  "Marius, I will cherish mew wifin my heart, luff mew, adore, mew, take care of mew. I will cherish mew, honor mew, throughout all uf our lives! Mew are so kind and gud to me and I give my life to mew and I will be wif mew always and everlasting."
Ernie speekz:

"Doze ar furry luving vowz, Marius and Sweetie
Now it'z  da time fur da  tradishunal Bite an Swat Seremony.
Marius, yu furst."

Marius'z lukz intu Sweetie'z ayez and sayz

"Dis bite iz simbolik uf da luv Ize haf fur yu inna tradishun uf owrz not-fikzed-but not broken ansesturz wifowt whum weez wud not bee heer tuday. It bindz us tugeffur fureffur no madder whut da fewchur bringz."

<Marius furry jently bitez at Sweetie'z nek an hopez he din't hurt hiz bridekitty>

Ernie speekz agin:

"Now you, Sweetie"

Lukking intu Marius'z ayez, Sweetie sez:

"Dis swat iz simbolik uf da luv Ize haf fur yu inna tradishun uf owrz not-fikzed-but-not broken ansesturz wifowt whum weez wud not bee heer tuday.  It bindz us tugeffur fureffur, no madder whut da fewchur bringz."

<Sweetie gifz Marius a jentlul swat wif herz shiney polished

  Ernie: "Furry gud, Marius and Sweetie

  Now it iz time fur da tradishunal Batting uf da Mowsie"

Ernie reechez intu da simbolik Fudbowl uf Bast, an pikz up a furry mowsie>

"Ize drop dis mowsie fur yu bof tu bat.  It iz da simbul uf da life uf luv an purrospurrity dat  yu  now share.

  <Ernie dropz mowsie.

<Marius batz mowsie tu Sweetie; Sweetie batz it bak tu Marius.  Dey kontinyu tu bat da mowsie bak an forf fur a few minitz, symullizing da sharing uf effuryfing in dere lifez.  Den Ernie kontinuze da wedwinking seremony.>

Ernie: "In da ayez uf Bast an dis gaffuring uf yur frendz an fambily, an wif da powerz infested in mineself bye Bast, Ize now purrnownce yu mankitty an wifekitty.  Marius, yu may kiss yur bridekitty.

  <Marius shylee gifz akittykiss tu Sweetie>

Ernie:  "Ladykatz an Jentlekatz,  please concatulate da newlee wedwinked cupple, Sweetie an Marius!"

<Entire krowd standz on dere feetz an klaps an hootz an hollurz az Sweeite an Marius wok bak down da isle, now mankitty an wifekitty.>

<Ernie allowz a teer uf joy tu run down hiz, sew happy tu haf had da honur uf yooniting hiz frendz, sew mush in luv wif eech uffur, in catrimony.>


On the patio of  the Wedwink Ballroom

HoneyCat: Where in the world is Andy?I put on my new red dress for him!
Jackie: Have you guys seen Cindy? I'd like to have the first dance with her.
Molly: This is a lovely place to dance!
Batman: Have you seen Andy, Mandy?
Mandy: Why would you think I knew where Andy  is? Why, I haven't
the foggiest idea!
Roxy: C'mon Bear, let's go see if we can find Andy, before Honeycat gets all frazzled!
Bear: I'm right behind you, Roxy!!
Maybe we will run into Cindy and tell her that Jackie is looking for her.



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