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This was made by the kitties' dad for Poddy's  and Andy's
birthday page, with his love
August ~ 2001


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    "Oh, Andy, this is such a lovely party for us."
    "Yes, my Dearest Poddy, and on this special day, I share my deepest
    devotion and affection for you and I give to you my special gift,

    Our lovely friend, Queen Bitsy is here and she will cater in food for us.


    These are the delicacies of the catered foods that Queen Bitsy has provided
    for the party.
    They are left to right, Ham and mice, Lobster and Clams!
    Also, we are having Poddy's favorite, tuna and  turkey.


    Cindy is doing the decorating and has a table set up
    for the gifts for this very special occasion!




    Andy! Me meowmie wrote dis fur us dis mornin'!
    Lub you!

    Happy birthday Andy and Poddy.
    Wishing you fishy fillets.
    Toys to play.
    Lots of treats at your wee feets.
    Window sills to watch what birdies do.
    Tons of catnip bags for you.
    Most of all a happy , long life!
    With no cares, trouble's or no strife.
    'Cause you are God's gift of beauty and love,
    Fur Babies sent to us from above.
    I love you.

    Written July 23, 2001

    This is such a lovely card from Bitsy and the Royal Furmily

    Thank you Bitsy for this beautiful card!

    This is so sweet from "The Little Girl" and Mr. Bojangles,
    our dear friends. Thank you so much!

    Poddy and Andy, please
    have the happiest birthday ever!
    Love,  Misty

    We wish a very Happy Birthday!
    Love, Cindy, Matthew, and Timothy

    To my special friend, Poddy, & my brofur Andy!
    My love, to you both on this essciting day,
    Love, Molly

               We must hurry to Poddy's and Andy's Parties!
                Dont forget your gifts and special treats!

    Thank you Casper & Willow for the beautiful card!
    Casper and Willow are from the Netherlands
    July 27th, 2001

    Thank you Emmy and Guusje for these sweet cards! We love them!
    Emmy and Guusje are from the Netherlands. They are friends of Casper and Willow!
    July 27, 2001

    We got this cute card from Yvonne Hamaker and
    Casper and Willow, from the Netherlands
    Thank you Yvonne, for all of these cards
    July 27, 2001

    We love this birthday card from Essie and Beeps.
    Thanks Brenda, we love it!

    AW! We love this gift from these sweet kitties,
    Calvin and Sabrina, for this precious birthday
    August 2, 2001

    These are lovely, Zena, Scraps, and Neek. We simply adore them and they will
    be special to Poddy and Andy
    August 5, 2001

    This page is devoted to our dearest kitty friend, Tripod, (AKA) Poddy), Andy's Little Lady,
    who is celebrating her 20th birthday. Poddy has a site of her own and uses her paws on the keyboard to help her meowmie, Fran.

    Poddy and Andy are celebrating their birthdays together on the same day which
    has been decided for July 27, 2001.
    There will be treats, toys, catnip and surprises for all our furriends

    We must hurry to Poddy's and Andy's Parties!
                Dont forget your gifts and special treats!


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