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Merry Kissamouse everione!!


"Sweetie" (aka) Poddy II

~This is our youngest of the Kitty Kondo Kat Gang




Look at me in mom's shelf and on a box!

Now, I'm on the bird cage!

Isn't this good of Marius?
He is my huzbund, ya know!!

Handsome Marius!


Mommy thez thith iz uh gud shot ov my milk muthtash.<thnikker>Merry Krithmuth!

Christmas of 2007


The Bride and Groom
Didn't we look gud together?

Dreaming of Marius!


Thank you, Auntie Julie
This can be my trademark


This is one of my frends. He comes to visit
me everyday!!




Christmas ~ 2003



Christmas ~ 2002



~OUR BelovedFriend PODDY~
August 9, 1981 ~ August 28, 2001

This is Poddy and I was named after her as Poddy II.
Then Mom and Dad began calling me Sweetie so I am
Poddy II AKA Sweetie

Poddy was 20 years old and she went to the Rainbow Bridge, August 28, 2001.

Our Dear Sweet Beloved friend, Poddy passed away,
Tuesday afternoon at 2:20pm on August 28, 2001
for her peaceful journey to the Rainbow Bridge.
God Bless you dear sweet Poddy. We miss you so much.

I like to cover up when we have those cold
winter weeks here in the south.



  This is when I was a tiny kitten with my toys


This is Marius! Isn't he handsome????



I wuz telling Mommy thumbthing when she wuz taking pichurz.  Thith iz
me in that thame hotel az Grampaw wuz in.  I've now maid two round
tripth two thuh Flooriduh Keyz, Thweetie, but thith latht trip althow
inklooded my furtht trip two Jeorgia.  Grampaw'z bin two thuh Keyz &
bakk four tymez!


Marius looking at my page on when I had the heart background

This is Thaddeus Taking a stroll


Deer Thweetie,
Mommy took thith pichur ov Grampaw in uh hotel in Fayettvill on thuh
weigh home frum Jeorgia in Janooary.


Grampaw Thaddeus and Marius


This is me, Poddy II, aka Sweetie
getting bigger and I like
to rest on mom's quilt!!


Our oldest daughter Debbie, brought her to us and saved her from a family who does not know too much about taking care of little kitties. Poddy II aka Sweetie, was left out in the rainy weather and her area was not cleaned up good and was she abused. I don't think that the litter of kitties was fed well, according to our grandson, so we don't know how this little one survived. She was so tiny and my daughter knew that I would take care of this little one. My daughter was bringing some Avon products that I ordered and had this little kitty sticking out of one of the Avon sacks. She looked so sweet with her little head popping up out of the blue Avon sack.

I took the kitty, who has many names, but we call her Poddy II, aka Sweetie to our vet. She is named after a friend's cat that passed away last August 2001. Her name was Poddy, (Tripod). She had three legs like our Cindy. Her name was Tripod, with her nickname Poddy. We liked the Poddy so much and decided to name our new little kitty, Poddy II aka Sweetie.
I took her to the vet, Dr. Beck, at our Ashton Animal Clinic where we take all of our cats.
Poddy II aka Sweetie only weighed 8 ounces at her first checkup with our vet. We found out that our new little kitty cannot meow. Her trachea has been damaged when she was very tiny and the trachea did not get a chance to develop properly. We had her x-rayed and it showed how her trachea is thin and it was hard for her to breathe, but it seems as she has grown that it is much better. She has an excellent appetite. Everything seems to go into the mouth and down to the tummy, so we have to watch her. She does have a sensitive tummy but she is being treated as of May of 2002. We have had her on Science Diet Feline Growth, (dry) and it seemed to agree with her. That was her kitten food. After a while, she couldn't keep it down so we changed her to the canned. That went well for a while and just the other day, May 19, 2002, I tried her on the WD canned and she seems to handle that better, so far.

Poddy II aka Sweetie is growing a bit and we believe that she is a Tortoiseshell, with the  markings of lilac cream variety with pastel patches. We soon will have to have her spayed. She has already experienced what it is like to be in heat. It only lasted two and a half to three days. Poor little kitty but she found some relief and she and Timmy were having fun one day in the hallway. Good thing we have had all of our kitties spayed and neutered. Poddy II, (Sweetie),  is adjusting well within our cat family.

She is a member of the Kondo Kitties~

Here are the pictures of her as a kitten

   I wanted this pichure on my page today
          ~July 16, 2002~

This is me, when I was just a few weeks old

Wanna see when I was real tiny?


Here I am in mom's comfy chair & me with ball rolling toy

It was fun between my daddy's feet & walking to the camera. I even walked by
my food bowls cuz I wanted to see dat camera thingy.


Could that be me peeking from under the couch,
when I was a tiny baby kitty?


This is mom's old chair! Can you see my pink tongue?


~This is me and Matthew  and me in mom's purse~


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