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FEBRUARY 5, 2009
The Artic Air came all the way to Florida!




Matthew's Editorial Page

This is my new/old Editorial page of my own and I wanted the stuff that I wrote on the Index page
back in 1998 til now put on this page.
It's some old stuff about all of us cats and updated stuff too!


Hello... my name is Matthew and I am a member of my mom's "Kitty Kondo," and I like to talk a lot. I am the speaker of the house of this kitty kondo family, and I will write for my mom on this page, because this is her page. As well as her loving and caring for us, she loves all cats, computers and ceramic buildings. One of her hobbies is painting her ceramic houses for her Christmas village. So, between taking care of me, and my brothers and sisters, and doing stuff on her computer, she likes to do her ceramic painting too.
Our newest addition, as of August of 1998, is our little baby sister. She is a sweetie, and every cat and human member of this kitty kondo, watches over her. She only has three legs, due to her amputation, but has a lot of energy and speed with those three remaining legs and paws that keeps us all busy. We have to be sure that she doesn't hurt herself when she runs and plays so hard.
One day, she got on mom's kitchen counter, slipped and fell into the waste basket! Mom had to get her out of there because it was so deep that she couldn't get out by herself. She loves her fuzzy balls and her soft toys to play with and she carries them around with her in her little mouth when she plays.She likes her cat dancer toy too.
June 10, 2001
Cindy is growing  to be a tall kitty and is so loving and full of energy! Her newest toy is the "Cat Dancer," and it is her personal toy and she loves it when her dad plays with her. When he is busy reading, she will go over to him, pull down his magazine or paper or jump on his lap an put her face through the reading material and insists that he plays with her at her time of need. She will wait all day for her dad to come home to play with her. She'll sleep the whole day away to save her energy for playtime.
Summer of 2004
We have Sweetie too! She came to us in the summer of 2002 and only weighed 8 ounces. She is the baby of our cat family. She is grey and sorta looks like a tabby cat. She seems to be part of that Tortie lavendar gray with a bit of peach or cream closer to her skin.
She has a page of her own too.She was blessed with 2 names, Poddy II and Sweetie. We call her Sweetie a lot.
Another one of the favorite things in her life is keeping in touch with our other family, Kathy, the mom, and the grandchildren, Kathryn Elizabeth and
Andrew Raymond. They used to live in Naples, Florida. Mom's grandchildren are very special to her and we are too, of course!
Mom's grandchildren are very special to her and we are too, of course!
March 22, 2007
Kafy, and Kafhryn, dats mom's and dad's dawter and granddawter, live heer in Sarasota now. We have a new cat friend too. His name is CHESTER!!
Izunt he cute?
Mom sez dat he is a funny cat and has lots of  toys. She also sez dat Chester likes to do a lot of romping and running. He likes to play and run and do what cats do.
Here is a pichure of Chester and den a pichure of Kafy and Chester.
Since Chester is in our family, he can be our cousin and dat wud make Kafy, Auntie Kafy. Gee! Ime gettin reel smart for the editor of this page.
Kafy, Kafhryn, and Andrew live here in Sarasota now as of 2006 and are still here this summer of 2007. They have a new house now just down the road from us.
Well, not anymore down the road from us, cuz she is living across the street from us now with Chester, and his new
sisfur and brofur. Dey are our cuzins~
Mom haz tu git more pichures of Chester for us.
 December 2008
Here are some recent pictures of Chester.
He was visiting here, earlier in this year.~
These are Chester's sisfur and brofur wen dey were kittens,
Charlie and Chloe~
Chester and Charlie  and Chloe  in October, 2008~

Courtesy of Renee,
A friend of our friends,
Zena, Scraps Bonique,  and Jordan
Here am I, the handsome one!
Matthew iz da name!!  Dats me!!
Dis iz moms favorite pichure ovs me.
This is my sweet sister, Misty!
~We are a loving animal family and all of us cats have been rescued in one way or another~
Here is some left over from the older Index pages~
Courtesy of Renee,
A friend of our friends,
Zena, Scraps Bonique,  and Jordan
Thank you so much Lynnda
for this purrfect award of precious
August ~ 1999
We love this beautiful award,
Sharif's Award For Excellence
Thank you so much, Lynnda
July 9, 2001
Courtesy of Phil, a friend
of Poddy  and her mother, Frannie.
~Thank you to Phil for designing this sweet frame for Poddy II,
Phil is a friend of Fran and Angel Poddy~
I gots these kitties frum Antie Julie
and the kitties look like me!!
Thank you,  Julie
December 31, 2005
A Tribute to Elizabeth M. Gottlieb
A Friend to Remember
I would like to write about my friend and neighbour of  many years,
who came into my life.
A gentle woman with her beliefs,
strong feelings, firm impressions, her expressive ideas,
and her powers of thought and understanding.
We would visit about out daily lives;
what we needed each day, and what things that should be done.
We were typical homemakers enjoying our visits with one another.
Sometimes I would get advice and she would throw out an idea
with her wisdom.
She has passed to her Eternal Home to rest in peace.
She will be missed by many who came to know her as I did.
I will miss her tremendously as I saw her everyday when she wasn't
able to get her mail or her newspaper and perform other daily tasks.
Thank you, Elizabeth, for coming into my life. You were a wonderful lady
to your family, friends, neighbours and everyone that knew you.
I will never forget you as long as I exist in this world of ours.
May you rest in your Eternal Home and be at peace until we meet again.
July 22, 2006
Elizabeth M. Gottlieb
known to her friends and neighbours as Betty
Passed away on July 18, 2006
This is Buddy, and he belonged to Betty. He was loved so much by his mommy.
Buddy adored his mommy so much and would get in her lap and was so content near her.
This is Pickles, the girl cat that Betty loved too. Pickles adored her mommy too and
always wanted to be close to her.



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