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Andy:Look my sweete, more and more of our furriends are here in the Garden with us!
HoneyCat:Oh yes, it is so wonderful to see all thuh guests arrive!

HoneyCat:Oh Andy! Look at little Boo Boo with her pretty flowers!
She looks so sweet! There is Marius with her!
Don't they look sweet togefur?

HoneyCat:  Oh, Andy! This is a purrfect place to have our wedwink here in the
Tulip Garden!! You  are so purrfect!!
Andy: I bet our friends didn't see us hiding in the tulips!!
HoneyCat: Oh, Andy, you are so romantic! That's why I luff you so!!
Andy:  Efurrthing in the world is for my sweet sweet wife-to-be!
Both: smurgle smurgle


Boo Boo:Oh, I am so excited to be a part of HoneyCat's and Andy's Wedwink!
Boo Boo: Hi Sweetie! You look nise in yur Flower Girl Dress! The flowers that
you brought are sweet, Sweetie. Look at the butterflies!
Sweetie: Thank you! I luff yur dress too!  I brought my little kitty cat too!
Whose that handsome guy standing next to you?
Boo Boo: That's Marius! He's going to go down the asile behind us! He gits to be the
ring bearer!



Misty: I hope you like my new gown, Jack It was my first choice!
You look very catsome, Jack!!
Jack: I thought your dress was more of a red, and we clash a little.
I will see if I can get a hat and tie closer to your beautiful pink gown!
You look lovely, Misty!
Misty: You look catsome in any color, Jack!
I brought a box of Love Candy for Honeycat and Andy.



Toto, 1987 - 2003

From left to right, Hyacinth, Chessie, and Homer

Chessie: I have a vase of lovely posies here, Frass,  fur the table!
We all brought something for the tables.
Chessie: Well, would you girls look at Homer in his new suit?
Homer: Hey gals, I'm feelin goovey, I'm ready for the wedwink dance!
I learned a new step! Watch this!!



Frass:Well, look at that empty table!! It's a good thing I brought
these goodies!
Where's  Cindy? She is the hostess!! The guests are arriving!

Cindy:      Frass,  I am here! Quit your fussing! I had to
leave to check on the gourmet food and wine!! I went down to
the second table to check the food there! Being the hostess,
I have many responsibilties!

Pippen:  Now, now, Frass! Calm down! Everything will fall into place!

Frass:   You know me, I like everything done in an orderly manner!!!

Hellion and her hubby Clyde


Thaddy and Bebe


Jackie: Wowmeow, Cindy haz shure fixted dis place up ta look bootyfull!  Itz nice ta see her agin!

Sheik Ollie Babble:Bitsy, my little licorice drop, I am dazzelated by the magnification of this wonderfurl garden. It is efun more beauteous than the one I have at home in Catnipia!

Bitsy: Indeed it is lovely, Sheik.  It even puts my Rose Garden to shame! Now, let us go look fur the food befur someone else finds it!

Cindy: These kitties are our furriends. Jackie,  Bitsy and Sheik Ollie Babble
Jackie escorted me to the WinterWedwink of Bini and Murphy.
We had fun out in the snow in da taboggin too!
Anufur time Jackie escorted me to the luau partee. We
did some layin around in da sun at the beach, rolled in da sand an eeted shrimpies!

~Our furry good furriends~

These lovely ladies, Neek and Maggie,  came dressed in their fanciest outfits!
Neek: Isn't this a lovely garden, Maggie?
Maggie: Yes, and it's fitting for thuh occashun! We are the best dressed gals here, I might add.

This is Jordan, the brofur of Neek!
Jordan: Ime furry handsome in my shirt and tie! When do we eat?
Here are Neek and her husband, Stan!
Neek: It is luffly to be here with you, Stan.
Stan: I luff going everywhere with you, my luffly wife!
Neek: You always know how to say da sweetest things to me!

Scraps: My dear husband, you look so handsome in your blue!
Levi: It's my best and you look so ravishing, a
purrty picture yourself, my little wife!
Scraps: Lets get closer before the ceremonies!
Both: smurgle smurgle



~Our beautiful clothes were picked out Especially, for
HoneyCat's & Andy's Wedwink and
the Credits go to The Two Queens Costumery & Deli~



Don't furrget!!
The Tulip Garden is featured in the
August 2003  issue
The Weekly Purrsuader!