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The Rainbow Bridge






We are saddened to learn of our dear freind
Doris Edwards' passing
 July 7, 2005.

I'd like the memory to be a happy one
I'd like to leave an after-glow
of smiles
when my life is done.
Id like to leave an echo whispering softly
down the ways,
of happy times and laughing times,
and bright sunny days.
I'd like your tears of sadness
to dry before the sun
of happy memories that I leave
When my life is done.


We want to pay tribute to the lady of the Cat Internet.
She was so helpful to us and we used her beautiful web site
for the formal dressing from the
Two Queens Costumery for the cats
attending the 2003 Fall Wedwink of our HoneyCat and Andy.
Doris,  was the Master Builder of so many of her cat webpages,
that I so adored, and loved to go visit them. There were also many
 kitty parties that starred the legendary Queen Bitsy.
Please visit the website of Queen Bitsy's Castle

To visit the Doris Edwards Memorial you can visit

The story of our Tuxedo cat Cindy, was written in the Amazing Amputees page,
on how Cindy began her life with us.


We regret with very deep sadness and a heavy heart, that our dear friend,
Fran Gallante,  has lost  her mum,  who is the most loved person and
friend in the whole world.

Her mum   passed away peacefully.
Tuesday, December 18, 2001, at 9:04pm.
She is in The Heavenly Kingdom in the presence of God,
of  Eternal Peace