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“Come and visit my page,

because it’s all about me


“I’m a little bored today. All I do is eat, sleep and

Ya have to beg around here!

 But I must say, I do look very dignified

in this pose!!

I am waiting here for my food!

Please put my food bowl in font of me!!

Here’s looking at cha!

Molly notebrush_jokergraphicsqst_Molly

Molly waiting for Roscoe to peck at her head

Dis iz whut I like tew du a lot.
I like tew lay on Roscoe's cage an wate fur him
tew tickle my head.  Sometimes he takes
so long tew du it

Heer I iz wachin the big screen tele wif mom

This is so humiliating to get caught on camera like this!!

I was just cleaning myself.
Shame on you, mom!

Thorn and Molly

Molly, not quite adult yet~ March 1996

~Our dignified poses ~

Her Royal Highness

This will introduce you to our dear sweet Molly, our Tuxedo, who is our second cat. We adopted her in March 11, 1996, at the humane society here in our city in southern Florida. We looked at so many different cats that day of all sizes, colors, and breeds. Molly was sitting at the front of her cage, looking so good with purrfect posture watching us. The man that was showing us all the cats in their cages, said to her as we approached her cage, "Molly! Are you still here?" We said to the man that we decided on Molly. She was a full 7 pounds and felt so thin. The humane society delivered her to our veterinarian to be neutered and when we got her home, we kept her in the front room for a little while before introducing her to her new brother, Timothy.

 Being the Tuxedo cat that she is, it's like she is dressed for anything with her black jacket with her white shirt. She has her little white markings, under her nose too that gives her a sophisticated look, as it's purrfectly marked on her face. She has the tiniest, dainty little nose for her look of intelligence. She is a cat with such poise, and meticulously good in the behavior department. She will sit and watch the others run and around and pounce on each other and wonder why they behave the way they do.
 Molly is very good at telling us that its mealtime in the mornings and time to get the person out of bed to get out into the kitchen to get the cat food in the cat bowls. She knows how to pull on the covers to get the process going for the importance of mealtime.

Her favorite eating and resting place is at the left side of the kitchen sink, so that she can look out the window and she also can get some water that drips from the faucet.

 She loves to get up on the computer desk and expose her chin so that it will be caressed and she will meow for more and just talk and talk. Her newest thing now is taking care of the newest addition, Cindy, our little kitty and Molly with her tongue will clean up the little one a bit. Molly is taking her place mothering the little kitty and keeps her looking nice for the day.
 Molly is a good natured, well mannered, purrrfect cat. Hopefully, some of her poise will rub off on the new little kitty.
Here are pictures of Molly from when she first arrived, to her more maturing look and she expects everyone to notice how dignified and special she is.


Little Molly~ March 1996~     When she first came to us~  Developing into a purrfect young lady

Getting up high in the world, and one of her funny poses!

My  first in line sisfur

~Cindy, Matthew and Timothy~
These fellas and gal are my sisfur and brofurs.
Cindy, Matthew and Timothy!

Hannah Hamm, owned by Sharon~
Another piggie friend December 2000~

This is my older brother Timmy grooming me

Timmy went to cat heaven in April 2007

I miss him as he was the king. So,

what does that make me? I know!

I’m queen of the cats here!


"You have come to the
end of my page ...and I must get my beauty rest!
Come back soon! Now you can go visit my
brother, Matthew cuz he comes next when you
visit usl!!

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Nancy's Kitty Kondo
All Rights Reserved

Molly has had this cancer lump upon her back and it grew larger and larger. It was getting the best of Molly and she was slowing down in her eating and drinking. We took care of her the best we could until this afternoon, on May 3, 2012, and it seemed that it was her time to leave us after all these wonderful years in having her with our cat family. She had been our second cat that we rescued. We hated to see that it was time for her to go but it was best for her sake to lay down and go to her place of rest from our world and to her eternity to be with her brother Timothy, Cindy and then we lost Misty that just died a week ago today. Molly came to us in March of 1996 as a small cat and not a kitten. Having our kitties is very fulfilling and we will miss this kitty Molly very much.

Dear Molly, we know that you must have been uncomfortable and we made the decision to take you to the wonderful vet for her advice. She checked you over and saw that the cancer was taking over your body. Thank you for coming into our lives. It was wonderful as you and Timothy began our cat family. May you have had a safe journey to the Rainbow Bridge. We love you Molly. Now you can join your brother Timothy and your sisters, Cindy and dear Misty that went to the Rainbow Bridge, one week ago. Rest in your eternal life now until we meet again, my dearest Molly.

May 3, 2012

catangel2 RIGHT
Molly looking do poised
angel 2 and cats