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The newest addition to the Kondo Cat Family
as of August 9, 2006

Buddy and Pickles




Buddy's newest pictures - May 2007
"I'm waiting for a few minutes for Dad!"

"I think I'll take a peek out there in the living room
where dad sits in his chair, and see if Dad is coming in
here to give us our food!!"

Quit wachin TV! Pickles & me are hungry!
Put a move on it! Our bowls are empty!!
We are starving!!

This is when we get our cat pads and the big blue blankie washed
and they are so fluffy and soft and smell so good!
We love this big bed and none of those other cats that live here, can lay on it!
This is our room!!

We were watchin the bedroom TV!!
 a-black cat




Pickles' favorite spot

Hello, to all cats and doggies, their caretakers and friends.
We have a new home now and we are loved
very much!  We are with the Kondo Kitties now. It is
very nice here too. We have a purrfect room of our
own to eat, sleep and play.
We have some nice new caretakers. There are
some other cats here too cuz we can hear them
scratching the door on the other side.
By Buddy and Pickles
~August 2006~

Here is our update on October 2006

We love our new dad and when he takes his afternoon nap,
 we like that cuz we help him nap. We get cozy near him.
Then we get to go out into the other rooms,
but that mean Molly chases us back. Timmy comes to
visit us and we like him. He was very sick but seems better now. The people
here have taken more pictures of us. Dad keeps all the cats in line so we
can play in the living room and stuff.
But we don't do it anymore.

These pictures are when we lived with our first caretaker.


Pickles after her trim of her fur~ June 20

June 2007 Update:


My # 2 home here with Buddy's and mine new caretakers since last August, had me trimmed cuz my fur wus gettin tew long.
Den da vet had my nales cut and dey bleeded a little. Sew, I had to take sum antibyotik  and sum pills!  Dem pills make me drool wen I hold it in my mowf, so my new mom put a raggety towel under me. Dats why you sees da old beech towel dere. Mom iz lernin tew pill me better and she luvs me  wen I  hav ta  take dat auful pill. It izunt hur fawlt cuz I gives hur a hard tyme cuz I dunt like tew take pills!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are gettin to be better az a teem!!!  Dey sez dat Ime a purrty cat!!  Den I had tew go bak tew da vet tew hav sum fings removed from my tale, my bak, my nek and my ear. Sew I hadz tew hav my pills agane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Da vet kalled and sed dat doze fings on me were benign.
Frum Pickles~








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