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 This is your first year anniversary of you, Cindy, going to the Rainbow Bridge.

We miss you so much and hope that you are having fun with your friends among the meadows and ponds and places to play. You were the best kitty here with us and we had the time of out lives with you.

Take care my dearest kitty and we will meet again, my adoring one.

Your sisters and brothers wish you all the love you can abide by.

Our love,

Mom and Dad and the kitties

September 14, 2010

Our precious Cindy
May 25, 1998 ~ September 14, 2009

Cindy, we missed you so much this Christmas.
We know you are not suffering anymore, my sweet.
You are not alone as you have joined your brother,
Timothy. We love and miss you both so very much!
Until we meet again, my dearest kitty.
Our Love,
Mom and Dad
Christmas 2009

Our dearest and most precious little Cindy has passed into her eternal  rest
yesterday morning, September 14, 2009.  She just lay down
and passed into the  cat heaven peacefully.
It was her time to leave us as she had been
suffering from pain in her sweet tiny body the last few days of her little life.
It was so difficult to hear and see her cry out loudly for relief and comfort.
We caressed her to try and soothe her pain. She was so limp and weak
and hardly alive. We took her to our vet and Cindy passed away right there on the exam
table. It was an emotional time but such a blessing for her.
We miss her so very much as she was  a sweet kitty with her sweetness and gentleness
and had always been a perfect cat within our cat family.
A very special kitty that has taken my heart with her during  her peaceful passing.

Dear Angel Cindy,
    My hart is bwoken but I iz glad mew is knot sufferin. I no Chessie an Toetoe had a speshil buffay for mew. Mew has tew bee da most butiful angel in hevin. Dare wil nevir bee anotfur gurl for mee sew please waite for mee Cinde wenn I cross wee wil be togetfer forever. While I am stil hear I wil enjoy our grandson's Tigger an Garfield and fink abowt my luve for mew. I am 16 years old sew
 my tyme hear may not bee furry long.
     Your Love
I remember our 1st date wenn mew wore ur pink dress we had manny gud tymes togefer an da day wil kum an wee wil hab dem again, Pleeze tel my brofer Casper I fink of him an lub him tew.
      My Love to you tew.

Dear Cindy,
I have come to see you and I have some flowers for you.Look at the kitties that came
with me on my way here whenI came to visit you in the Cat Meadows at the Rainbow Bridge!!
I will never leave you alone as I'll alway be withyou.

Fank yew Rocky. I hav seen whut yew rote tew me. How nise ov Chessie an
> Toetoe tew hav the buffay
 I wil be waiting fur yew forever an ever!
 My Love,

Deer Cindee,
I am here for you!
Look underneath me here for my proposal to you!!

Deer Cindee,
      I hab a question wenn I kum up dare wil mew marry me.
          I luv mew.

My Deer Rocky,
I wud be more den happi tew be yur wife...but we cud dew it now ifn ya want tew...
but we wud be sepurrated fur a wile.
Mom cud make owr pajes an dress us up!!
I luve yew..

Deer Cindee,
      I luv mew sew much an da sooner wee get married da better we are togefer forevir.

Deer Rocky,
Dat iz gud cuz mom began owr paje on my Cindee paje.
Go tayke  a luk wen yew can. We ar tegefur dere.
I wanna stil weer my pink dress an I luve yur red jakit.
    Luve, Cindee

Marius:  Sweetie, how nise dat we cud cum in owr clothes dat we wore in our own wedwink.
Ernie: I'm happie dat we also cud make it fur Rocky's and Cindee's selebrashun.
I cum back down tew take my gal tew da partee.
I welcumed Cindee tew da paradise ov cat hevin. She met Timothy tew, her older brofur,
and I saw them go off togefur tew the bootiful gardens.Timmy made a spechul plase fur Cindy.

MISTY: I fink itz awlrite to weer whut we weered
to Sweetie's big wedwink partee, and Honeycats and Andy's, izunt it Jack?
Diz is my faborite dress and hat.

MANDY:  Now, who was going with me to this
delightful partee of Rocky's and Cindee's? I'm here
in case anyone wants to take me!"

BATMAN: "Mandy! Yu knew dat Ide be da one tew take yu!"
I wuz jus lukin at da  purrty gardens!
 Cum and take my paw and we wil go an see da bootiful gardens
and we mite git tew see Cindee up dere!

ANNIE:"Look at me! I have 2 ov my cat guys takin me!!
Now,don't fight ovur me fellas!"

MOLLY: "Well, yew ar sew luckie, Annie!

LUCY: "I'm not sharin mine wif anione!"

CINDEE: "I desided tew change into
dis red and white dwess
and cum tew mine own partee recepshun!"

From left to right, Hyacinth, Chessie, and Homer

We are sew happi to be here at Rocky's and Cindy's
hevenly partee for their wondurful wedwink."

" Chessie and me, (Homer), weer alreddy heer in cat hevin.
Chessie and me and Hyacinth wil put on dis huge buffay!
We ask that awl cats dat want tew help us, cum joyn us!
Chessie and Hyacinth are bringing fings to the tabul.
Dere are stil sum guests tew arrive!!

CASPER:I wuz a littul late b ut  wud not miss diz selebrashun fur anifing!!
Now, whut nise lady iz goin  wif me?
SPOOK: Yu ar taking me, silly! Did yu furgit? Remember my gown
maches yur hi top hat!!
"Dont furgit Punkins an Puddi Cat. Dont dey luk nise in dere gowns?

Dere ar sum dat cud not make it but dey sent sum gifts!

Our messages of loving compassion for Cindy

Dear Nancy,

OMG, I am so shocked and stunned.  I had read your other letter and was going to get to it today or
tomorrow.  My heart just breaks for you my friend.  That is sooo sad and Cindy was not only such a
pretty girl but so amazing with her disability.  Did the vet give any idea what might be going on with
her, did you have any testing done?  She was not that old was she?  That picture of her is so
precious.  I wish I had the words that could comfort you and take the hurt away.  Just remember
Cindy will always be in your heart and memory and one day the joys she brought to your life will
make you smile.

To answer the question, you  had asked about the stones.  Zena doesn't seem to be in any pain and
acts normal but she has days where I can just tell she doesn't feel great so her stomach may be upset
but she never cries.


Thank you, Zena, Scraps,
Neek and Jordan
We met you dear friends, the year that Cindy was born.
The year of 1998 !


I am so very sorry to hear about Cindy… do they know what was happening to her?? I was thinking about you earlier today and was going to email, but was at the doctor, and now checking emails.. I can tell you that is what happened with Homer. He died in Dave’s arms waiting for a room for us to have him put to sleep. I can usually tell when it’s time, or really bad. I heard that from you last night.. she is no longer in pain, and at peace.. when I lost the second cat, I think it was harder for a few reasons. I was looking for the same signs from bandit that we had with tigger. They were totally different and I have come to know that they all have a process of illness and passing..

I will keep you and owen in my prayers.. I know what this loss for both of you feels like.

Love, lori

I just read about cindy on your site to refresh my memory of her. You and owen gave her the best 11 years of her life… if you  didnt  adopt her she may not have had such fun and joy with the boys… be gentle with yourself.. you did everything you could.. be glad you didnt have to make the decision, she decided it was time to go..


Oh Nancy, I'm so very sorry!  She knew love and fought the hard battle.

Hugs and purrrrrsss,
Kami, with purring kitties

Misty, Kahlua, Whiskers, Bizzy and a dozen more Katz Place kitties form a
circle to purrrrrr for Cindy's journey and for her humans.


Oh, Nancy, I am so very sorry.

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs for your sweet girl, and for you.


nancy, I'm so sorry.  It's so hard to lose them.  Purrs for the mending of your broken heart.   I know she's in good hands and enjoying a warm welcome at the Bridge.


Nancy, It is so hard to lose our babies. I'm so sorry for your loss of Cindy. Alex, Derek, Tiny, Hissy, Adam, Buddy & Sweety are sending purrs your way. And I'm sending prayers to you.


I'm so sorry. My heart aches with you.


Dear Nancy,
    I am shocked and so sorry about Cindy and Rocky is broken hearted to I know you did all you could for her and I felt something was wrong when she stopped eating and I know Maxie and Tim have welcomed her with open arms and also many other angels.
     Peggy and Rocky

I cried all day yesterday, thinking about her sweet face. I knew she wasn't eating but didn't know why & didn't know she had developed anything serious. Until last week I thought she was a healthy cat. I understand that liver problems are some of the very hardest problems to detect in cats. "Isn't She Lovely" is perfect for her. How are the other cats?


I just kept thinking of that sweet little face all day.

My cats are still quiet, too. Both Honey and Jaspurr want to be close to me every single minute, and will even follow me to the bathroom and paw at my legs, or paw at my face if I stop looking at them. Honey is scared of people and dislikes other cats, so now she really doesn't have anyone except me. I wish she would let Jaspurr be her friend - he is peaceful and easy-going, like Leo.

I think cats are really drawn to the other cats who are sweet, and really miss the sweet ones a lot.  I know your house seems quiet today. I wish I was there.
 Some of them just really have your heart from the beginning.


Hi Nancy,
  I know it's hard when we lose a cat afterall they are our family but Cindy knew you were there for her until the end and she was a beautiful girl.

Cindy was so beautiful. It's so hard when a person loses them. Really you feel lost without them because you can remember the routine you had with them every day. It's just so very hard, you expect to see them & they aren't there. It really takes awhile to heal when you lose a fur baby.
Thanks for sharing this gorgeous picture of your beloved Cindy.

She will always be in your heart, and she will be on your mind for a long time. She was extremely special, and you had a really strong bond with her. She knew that you rescued her and made her life better and kept her safe, and you made her a happy kitty. You made all the difference for her.


Go see Amazing Amputees

The story of our Tuxedo cat Cindy, was written in the Amazing Amputees page,
on how Cindy began her life with us.

Cindy and ROCKY
together forever!

Molly the left ~ Cindy on the right~
Cindy and Molly drinking from the bathroom faucet
early this year of 2009.
Cindy always went into the bathroom every day for some water
there as she loved it!

This was when I went to Doris's Luau , at the beach.
I was having so much
fun with my friend, Jackie, and I will never forget it.

This was me and Jackie when we were sledding at
Bitsy's Winter Lodge. It was
Christmas at Bitsy's Winter Lodge,
and the Wedwinking of Bini and Murphy.
I had so much fun with Jackie that winter.

Jackie: Where is Cindy, I have always liked that little girl, even though I
have my own gal at home. I just had to come to see Cindy again!! We were an item
going on at one time  and here is a picture of us from that time. We were playing
in the snow.

This is when Cindy gets lazy eating her food

Cindy all dressed up in  her birthday dress and hat!
May 25, 2003

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, Dear Cindy!"

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, Dear Cindy!"

Gather all around and get comfy, while I go back to the store
for more food for the party!!!

Here is the wine and cheese and crackers for everyone!

Some deliCATsies of your choice!
Salmon shrimp, shrimp coktayle, crab, canned tuna and cat food!

This is my lovely outfit that I wore to the
Valentine Day February 14, 2002,Double Wed-Wink of
Zena and Stan
Scraps and Levi
It was a lovely wedding and lotza fud, wedding cake, dancing and lots of excitement!
My brufur Mafew drove the Wedding Carriage for the couples.
Thank you Auntie Nancy for dressing me so lovely.

Cindy's 4th birthday
May 25, 2002

Thank you so much, Zena, Scraps & Neek forthis lovely birthday card!
It is so cute!! I asked mommy to put it above my picture with me resting
on the couch! Mommy says that I'm getting like her, a couch potato!!

Today May 25, 2002, is my birthdayI am gonna be 4 years old!
I am gonna weer my pink dress and all my sisfurs and brofurs are
wearing their new outfits too. I have 2 pink dresses to choose
when I make up my mind as to which one I will wear.
I want some ice cream. I like to lick mommy's cherry nut ice cream
cones cuz she shares them with me and it's my favorite! We'll
have some cake and catnip and treets and lots of toys and prizes!!

My firstbirthday cards!
Thank you Boo, Watty, Horse and Frannie
May 25, 2002

Wishing you catnip cake, tuna mousies, shrimp rolls and happy kitty
dreams. We want you to have the best birthday ever!
Happy Birthday Cindy!
Much love and big purrs!
Boo, Watty, Horse and Frannie

Lookie! Lookie!

My cuzzies sended me another card!!

Dear Cindy,
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Cindy!
Happy Birthday to you!
Make sure ya click on all the
buttons on the TV remote on the card
cause cool stuff happens when ya do!
Heeheee! Have a purrfect day!
We Love ya!
Boo, Watty, Horse and Auntie Frannie

Watty,Boo, Horse and auntie frannie

Thank you  to
 Boo, Watty, Horse & Antie Frannie
the sweet card with the animals singing
Happy Birthday to me!

This is my new dress designed by
Queen Elizabeth and her meowmie,
July 6, 2001

This is The Dancing Queen
The Queen of Effurrything!

"This is when I first arrived!"  "Under  moms computer chair" My best pose

Cindy is our new little addition to our cat family. Her coloring is similar to Molly's, our Tuxedo Cat. Cindy has a precious little face and is the hit of all the members of the cat family. She has stolen our hearts and is a little sweetie!

 When we first laid eyes on her, she was at our veterinarian clinic that we used to have, when we took Molly for a checkup of her eye. The vet brought Cindy out for us to see. Ten days previously before we saw the kitty, she had to have her right front leg amputated at the shoulder. She was brought into the clinic because she had been hit by a car. The vet wanted us to see her as she knew that she'd get special treatment. She knows how I take good care of the kitties. It didn't take long for us to decide to adopt the kitty and we brought her home, August 1998. The little kitty adapted very well to her new surroundings. All the other cats have been taking care of her, protecting her and giving her a daily bath. Cindy is in seventh heaven while the adult cats are caressing her. She doesn't stay still too long, as she's off and running all over about to make more new discoveries.

She is a funny little kitty and loves to play. She and one of her brothers, Andy, will pounce on each other and run here and there and everywhere, chasing one another in and out of places, hiding behind couches and under chairs, and very early in the morning, she pounces up on our bed, and uses mom as a freeway and back down to the floor again. She is full of energy! Cindy's favorite place to sleep, as a kitten, is in the bathtub, on a soft quilted blanket for comfort and a couple of our shirts, that she claimed as hers. The bathroom is now her private domain, where all the cats were kept as kitties for their security and to keep them settled down for the night. Cindy has her own little scratch post, her kitty bowls for food and water, her little litter box, and of course, her toys. Occasionally, she will get up on top of her scratch post and hop up on the counter to investigate and see what she can find to play with or get into.

 Cindy is an amazing little kitty as she gets around very well on her three little legs and runs and jumps with such speed. Her one and only front leg is getting stronger everyday, as she can pull herself up on the big scratch posts.Since she doesn't have that one leg, she uses her mouth to compensate for the lost leg. We are very proud of this kitty as we are of all our felines. Our new kitty addition has adapted well and has made our feline family complete!


"This is when I was a few months old"

"This is me, resting"

"Why is that printer making that noise?"    "I like this pencil with the bird head on it!"

"Th?is is when I was panting and had to rest."

January 6, 2000
"I love to get on this door, cuz it helps me with my
three legs so that I can jump onto
the counter to get some water dripping
from the faucet."

"This is my favorite way to relax!"
~ April 2000

"I love my beddy and I like to stretch!"

Today is my birthday,  May 25, 2001
and I'm having a party and invited
all my kitty friends

Waiting for friends
Misty, Cindy, Matthew, Andy and Molly

What a fun party!!

Tanks fur the wonderful gift,
Neek, Scraps and Zena! I love it!

Thank you Maggie for this
sweet card!

Thank you, Joan and all the animals
for this beautiful greeting
from the Lilley Pad

Thank you, my brothers and sisters!
May 25, 2001

June 7, 2001

This is my new friend Tripod, and we have something in common. This kitty
only has three legs too. We wrote emails today, the last day of May 2001.
You must go to Tripod's and mom Fran's site. It is so neat!
Click on the banner below

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